About us

Deciser helps people make better and faster decisions. Users find instant, actual and personalized answers to questions in a quick interactive way. For big life choices, relationship assessments, job decisions or small daily questions – Deciser makes you a better decision maker. It helps you to clarify or validate your thoughts by offering perspective and depth, and gives you advice and additional opinions on the topic that is important to you with just some simple clicks. Automated, supported by AI (artificial intelligence) and ML (machine learning) decision making algorithms, with no real humans behind your personal answers other than yourself

How it works:

Users answer short sub-questions to get instant recommendations to their main or decision.
The sub-questions are answered in an easy, intuitive way by clicking or tapping in the colored circles.
Based on the answers to sub-questions, the main answer is computed and presented in the middle of the circle.
The answers can be saved by the users, who can also share their satisfaction or disatisfaction with them through Like/Dislike voting.
Deciser takes into account the Like/Dislike values to improve the sub-questions and the answer computation method.


Deciser is a non-commercial personal project. The owner lives in Zurich, Switzerland. To make contact send a message to hello@deciser.com